Space for rent

Studio C is a light, spacious studio in Terwijde, close to shopping centre Terwijde and walking distance from train station Utrecht Terwijde. 

Studio C offers two spaces for rent, a consultation/meeting room (17m2) and a movement area (75m2). Either space is rented out either separately or in combination.

The consultation/meeting room can be used for e.g. massage therapy, acupuncture or beauty treatment (it’s equiped with a foldable massage table), but it can also be used as a meeting room for up to 6 people, office space or as an interview room. This room has it’s own separate entrance and makes use of shared kitchen and bathroom. The consultation/meeting room is currently only available on Tuesday afternoons and – evenings and on weekends. For a 16 hour per week contract for at least 3 months, the rent would amount to €6,50 (before tax) per hour. 

The movement area of the studio measures app. 75m2 and is equipped with two mirrored walls, that can be covered with curtains if you like.

Currently the movement area is only available on Tuesday afternoons and -evenings and on afternoons and evenings on weekends. Rent amounts to €20 per hour (before tax), minimum of 2 consecutive hours, for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks. It is not available for one-off/incidental rent. The studio is equipped with a simple kitchen, waiting area and toilet.

Interested? Call Caroline at 06 12547362 or send an email to