STOTT PILATES® reformer & cadillac

Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair and Barrels

To obtain a strong and healthy core is not a goal on it’s own. It’s a means, a prerequisite even, to accomplish something much more desirable: a body that functions optimally, that moves with ease and that is free of pain. A body that transmits forces without damaging itself, that takes us where we want to go, be it to the supermarket or to the Olympics. 

The Reformer and the Cadillac further challenge your core, by adding resistance and and by adding larger movements. No one needs a strong core to sit on a sofa. You need a resilient core in order to walk, throw, balance, catch and even to fall! Those five basic principles that you so thoroughly acquired on the mat, are now being put through the test: can you still stabilise those shoulder blades when you are planking on a moving carriage? Can you still stabilise that pelvis in neutral while pushing your legs out against resistance? Can you properly place your ribcage and avoid upper back extension, even when your arms are being pulled backward?

On the other side, the same equipment that challenges you further, may assist another client in regaining control or strength in a part of their body that they would otherwise not be able to exercise at all. As challenging as STOTT equipment can be, it truly is priceless as an aid in rehabilitating clients that for the moment just wish to do again what they were able to do before.