Leidseweg 65B

Studio C is a small home-studio with 4 reformer/tower combinations. I offer group classes for up to 4 people as well as private classes. The studio has its own entrance, there is sufficient parking space (paid parking except for Sundays) and we have a beautiful view over the Molenpark. The studio is located on the Leidseweg bicycle street, 750 meters from Central Station.

At Studio C you can only attend reformer/tower classes (a reformer/tower is a combination of a reformer and a cadillac). Mat classes are not offered separately. The timetable is as follows:

Sunday morning at 8.30, 9.45 and 11 AM

Monday morning at 10:15 AM

Monday evening at 7.15 PM and 8.30 PM

Tuesday evening at 7 PM and 8.15 PM

Wednesday morning at 9.15 AM and 10.30 AM

Thursday/Friday private lessons

The aim is to work with fixed groups as much as possible, so that clients of a similar level can train together and make progress together. These are the different levels:

Beginner – You have done reformer Pilates before. You are familiar with the basic principles of Pilates and have good body awareness. Your class consists of about 15 minutes of mat exercises and the rest of the class you do exercises on the reformer or the tower. During your mat exercises you deepen your basic knowledge and we keep your core strong. For the rest of the lesson you will become acquainted with the entire basic repertoire on the reformer or tower and you will prepare for reformer/tower lessons at intermediate level.

Intermediate – You are familiar with the basic repertoire on the reformer and/or tower and have a good knowledge of the basic principles of Pilates. Your class consists of 10-20 minutes of mat exercises to keep your core strong, the rest of the class we spend on exercises on the reformer / tower.

Advanced – You’re strong, with good knowledge of basic principles and you have little or no injuries. You like a good pace and need only short cues with minimal explanation.

Studio C works mainly with reserved spaces and subscriptions (€85 per month for one class per week).