General Conditions & Privacy Statement

General Conditions

(version: August 2023)


With 10 group classes per week and a maximum of 4 clients per group, Studio C has a limited capacity. In order to offer clients a work-out that matches their strength and experience and at the same time make optimal use of the limited capacity, Studio C only offers reserved places in fixed groups and classes are paid for by subscription only.

Subscriptions are for an indefinite period, with a notice period of 6 weeks. The cost of a subscription is €85 per month, for one class per week at a fixed time. When you decide to cancel your subscription, your space will no longer be reserved for you . If you want to resume your subscription, we cannot guarantee that a suitable space will be available for you. Subscriptions are not transferable to third parties.

With the purchase of a subscription you enter into a payment obligation. You can choose whether you want the monthly costs to be debited from your checking account or your credit card. If a monthly payment is refused by your bank (for example due to insufficient balance), you still have a payment obligation to Studio C for that month.

Subscriptions cannot be paused at the client’s request. If you are unable to attend or in case of an injury, you can use one of the arrangements under ‘class registration and cancellation’ below. If you cancel the lesson less than 24 hours in advance, you will not be able to make up for it an another time.

If a lesson is canceled (for example due to illness of the instructor), the value of this lesson (€19.50) will be deducted from your next subscription payment.

If the instructor is absent for a longer period of time (for example due to vacation), all subscriptions will be paused during this period, which means that the amount of the next subscription payment will remain the same, but the date of the next subscription payment will be postponed.

During public holidays and vacations, the lessons will generally continue as usual. The studio is closed between Christmas and New Year’s Eve and there will also be no classes for at least 3 weeks during the summer holidays, in both cases all subscriptions will be paused.

Private classes are by appointment only and will be invoiced and paid in advance. The studio reserves the right to charge a client for a late cancellation of a private class.

Class registration and cancellation

Book another class in the week before or after your cancellation
If you are unable to attend your regular reserved class, you can cancel your participation up to 24 hours in advance and you can book another class in the week before or after your cancellation. Booking a class at a different time is subject to availability and we cannot guarantee the possibility to do so. If there is no class available, place yourself on the waiting list for one or several classes, you will then be automatically notified when another client cancels their attendance for that class. You can book your new class online in Bsport. Please ensure that the lesson you register for matches your level of experience. When in doubt, consult with the instructor.

Book another class in another week
A maximum of 2x per 3 months you can make up for a canceled lesson in another week. You do this by canceling your lesson (no later than 24 hours in advance), waiting for the confirmation email of your cancellation and then requesting a replacement lesson by replying to that confirmation email. You will then be awarded a ‘single lesson’ that you can use up to 3 months after it has been assigned to you. Booking a lesson in another week is also based on availability and we cannot guarantee that a place will be available during those 3 months in a group that matches your level, at a time that suits you.


Under no circumstances is Studio C responsible for loss or theft of possessions of it’s clients. Participation to classes is voluntary and at your own risk. When in doubt about your physical condition, you are responsible to consult a doctor prior to the class. 

By agreeing to these general conditions, the client also agrees that he or she, their heirs or their legal representatives hereby will refrain from future accusations or claims of any kind to Studio C or it’s instructors, regarding injuries or theft, damage or loss of personal belongings.

privacy statement

The personal data that Studio C processes are (if provided by the client itself):
First name, Last name, Address details, Gender, Date of birth, Email address and Telephone number.
These personal data are used for registration of participants, for example sending a payment reminder or cancellation of a lesson. The client is informed by email about structural changes to the timetable or opening hours.

The above personal data are processed by instructors from Studio C and are stored in the database of the online registration system Bsport with whom we have concluded a Processing Agreement required by the AVG. Data that (potential) clients provide via the Contact form on our website is processed by Hostnet, with whom Studio C has also concluded a Processor Agreement. Both Hostnet and Bsport have taken appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unwanted changes.

When the client indicates that he will no longer take lessons or if a client has not followed lessons for 6 months, the participant will be asked if his / her account can be deleted.

Studio C clients themselves have access to the data used by Studio C.

Client has the right to object to the collection of personal data and to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.