Class schedule

Schedule Group classes

This is our general schedule. Please find our current schedule through this link.

MONDAY9 ammat class L2
10.15 amreformer class L1/2
7.15 pmmat class L2
8.20 pmreformer classL1/2
TUESDAY9.30 amreformer class L1/2
WEDNESDAY9 ambarre class
10.15 amreformer class L3
7.15 pmreformer class L1
7.15 pmlivestream class L2
8.20 pmmat class L1
THURSDAY7.15 pmmat class L1
8.20 pmmat class L3
FRIDAY9 ammat class L1/2
10.15 amreformer class L1/2
SATURDAY9.30 amreformer class L2
9.30 amlivestream class L2
10.45 ammat class L1
12 noonbarre class
SUNDAY9.30 amreformer class L3
10.45 ammat class L1/2
12 noonreformer class L1/2

mat classes

Level 1 – Beginner

You have started with Pilates only recently and you have attended less then 10 classes.

Level 2 – Intermediate

You have attended more then 10 classes. You understand the cues and you are familiar with most of the exercises.

Level 3 – Advanced

You have been doing Pilates for a while now, you need to be challenged and you do not have any injuries or chronic pain.

Reformer classes

For reformer classes previous experience is required. This means that you should have basic knowledge of mat exercises and that you have attended at least one reformer-instruction class. Instruction classes are usually private classes.

Private classes

Private classes are by appointment only. To book an appointment, please email to